L. Ron Hubbard

After paying no attention to L. Ron Hubbard for 59 years, last week I ran across him twice. The Scientologists sent me a box of his books, which I quickly passed on to a colleague who wanted them. Then–the same day, I think–on a trip to Big Lots I found a volume of his Writers of the Future series.

It turns out that Hubbard, well-known as a science fiction writer himself, started an annual contest for new or wannabe sci-fi writers that continued after his death. I’ve read about half the book, and the stories are excellent. Now maybe I’ll read Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth.


4 Responses to “L. Ron Hubbard”

  1. Michael Goltry Says:

    Wow. I read up on scientology myself and it always gives me a good laugh, until you start to get into the conspiracy part of it all. Got some pretty serious accusations. Never read any of his work though, just studied up on what he was teaching as religious truth. Pretty crazy stuff. Definitely required an imagination.

  2. Kristi Stahl Says:

    I always found it quite ironic that a religion involving aliens came from a genius science fiction novelist…

  3. cbridges6159 Says:

    I prefer a carpenter.

  4. Kristi Stahl Says:

    I agree. More down to earth, I think.

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