Never answer a public phone

Words to live by, those.  In a hospital waiting room today with some friends whose wife/mom was having surgery, I picked up a telephone to stop the ringing.  The man on the other end wanted to know how a certain surgical patient was doing. We had a long discussion covering several topics:

  • How this wasn’t the information desk, only a phone in a waiting room, and I was only a visitor.
  • How another visitor he asked for–Rmfhom Malffm I think the name was–was not there.
  • How I really didn’t know anything about his patient and couldn’t help him.

After we covered all that, the caller asked, referring to his patient, “So how’s he doing?”


One Response to “Never answer a public phone”

  1. Josh Lees Says:

    Wow. That’s worthy of a Bill Engval “Here’s your sign.”

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