“Dances with Wolves” in Space

On Sunday evening the wife and I watched Avatar, thanks to our daughter-in-law loaning us the DVD. Some random reactions:

  • Great graphics, stunning visual presentation of a whole new world. Great action scenes.
  • The Noble Savage myth reborn, showing indigenous people full of virtue and deeply in touch with nature.
  • A lot like Dances with Wolves, though the CGI aliens had more facial expressions than Kevin Costner did in Wolves.
  • Gross stereotyping of military and business types.
  • Makes one think about ethnic loyalty–or in this case species loyalty–in the face of wrongdoing.

The downside: The wife has been hissing at me like the blue chick with a tail hissed at the hero. Everything comes with a price.


6 Responses to ““Dances with Wolves” in Space”

  1. Kyle Kelley Says:

    I only saw it in 3D, and it was pretty pathetic. Everything was blurry and out of focus.

    The plot was a little unoriginal, read Pocahontas in space, but it wasn’t terrible.

    I may have to try watching it again with out the obnoxious glasses and see if its better.

    As for the hissing: A rolled up newspaper to the nose works on hissing cats. I’m not sure about wives. The experiment may make for an interesting blog post.

  2. cbridges6159 Says:

    Kyle, I love you like a son, but there’s no way I’m taking marriage advice from you.

  3. Kyle Kelley Says:

    I don’t blame you.

    Taking marriage advice from me is about like taking computer advice from an Amish person.

  4. Bryan Honaker Says:

    Glad to see you perspective. I have read some reviews from Christians that think this is the worst movie, from the devil, etc…
    My thoughts — it is FICTION — I take it as a fictional movie that is entertaining… I don’t try to read too much into it other than it being a story — agree that it is similar to Pocahontis.
    The hissing is pretty funny! I don’t think the newspaper thing would result in a positive outcome…

  5. Michael Goltry Says:


    I aw it in the theater and thought it was ok. It was slightly awkward as I was watching it with a couple of the kids in my youth group that had invited me to see it with them. There was a bit much blue alien butt in it for my taste.

    I couldn’t get past the gross stereotyping of the military and humans in general. I may have strong feelings against much of what our military, government, and consumer driven society does, but this movie was far from objective, not that ANY movie ever is. It seemed like the typical “We’re killing our planet and you are evil for being a consumer of anything” type message. First movie it reminded my of was FernGully. If you’ve ever seen it, I’m sure you can see why.

    The other thing was the extreme worship of nature that went way beyond being good stewards of the planet. That combined with the ancestor worship and military stereotype left a foul taste in my mouth for the movie as a whole.

  6. cbridges6159 Says:

    As for Pocahontas, someone (looks around shiftily) made the Pocahontas book disappear from our church nursery a few years ago. Too much Mother Tree Spirit, or whatever they called her, for little future Christians.

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