I write like . . . .

At the site I Write Like you can paste in some text you’ve written, and the software will analyze your writing. When I pasted in a recent article, I found that (drum roll) . . . .

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Who? I’d never heard of him. Turns out he was a college professor (like me) who wrote essays (like me, sometimes), and who killed himself at age 46 (not like me, thank God). Besides essays, he also wrote some critically acclaimed fiction.

Who do you write like? (Like whom do you write?)


2 Responses to “I write like . . . .”

  1. Darris Says:

    Carl, I remembered first learning about literary critiques of the Bible postulating as to who wrote what and Dr. Hooks telling us that his writing style varied over his life an genre so that wasn’t a very good measure. Thus, I tested some of my writing. My very first college paper was written like George Orwell. A random paper from ESR was written like Dan Brown, my master’s thesis was written like H. P. Lovecraft, my communion meditation book was written like William Shakespeare, and my Facebook posting like David Foster Wallace.

  2. cbridges6159 Says:

    That’s a relief, Darris. Assuming you used the same website to analyze your writing that I did, at least we know that it doesn’t always come out as David Foster Wallace.

    As for changing styles over a lifetime, I hope so. Whatever my writing is like now, it was pretty clunky 30 years ago.

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