The Songs of Distant Earth

I just finished Arthur C. Clarke’s novel The Songs of Distant Earth, an evocative exploration of the “Bounty syndrome,” the impact seafarers (or spacefarers) have on an island culture. One thing annoyed me: Clarke went out of his way to insert his atheism into the story. Religion is bad; religion causes wars; religion should die out; etc. If the theme had mattered much to the story, or if the writer had introduced a character with any other viewpoint, it would not have grated. As it is, the anti-religion material sounds like a public service announcement.


2 Responses to “The Songs of Distant Earth”

  1. Fred Wolfe Says:

    Sounds like a good book ruined by propaganda.

  2. cbridges6159 Says:

    And I didn’t even mention the scene where a ship’s officer takes out his sidearm and TALKS TO IT. I’m not making this up. He says, “I know you’re a phallic symbol . . . .” Someone call the NRA.

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