Another English Bible translation

A promotional copy of the Common English Bible New Testament arrived in the mail today.  At first glance it resembles Today’s New International Version (TNIV) in format, though its level of language seems a touch more colloquial.  Unlike the TNIV and its parent NIV, the CEB will eventually include Old Testament, New Testament, and most Apocrypha.  The whole Bible is scheduled to come out in 2011.  Also unlike the NIV tradition, the CEB translators come from a variety of backgrounds, both evangelical and mainline.  At the web site you can download the books of Genesis, Psalms, Matthew, and Luke.


2 Responses to “Another English Bible translation”

  1. Steven Johnson Says:

    Hi Dr. bridges. just wondering What you though of it.

  2. cbridges6159 Says:

    Steve, I don’t have a well-formed opinion on the CEB just yet. But it does strike me that the translations for the American market fit smaller and smaller niches as time goes by. I suspect that if we took the trouble to excerpt the same passages from, say, NIV, TNIV, and CEB, and put them side by side in a blind test, most readers couldn’t tell the difference.

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