The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This afternoon I saw the newest Narnia movie along with the Woman God Gave Me. We saw it in 2-D by choice and enjoyed it a lot. Though I haven’t read the book in a while, I think the movie makers tied together the different episodes of the story better than Lewis did in the book. They also made it more of an action-adventure kind of film.

**Spoilers below the fold!**

Differences between the book and the film include these:

  • Reepicheep does not act as fiercely toward Eustace in the film as he does in the book.
  • The White Witch appears in the film (Tilda Swinton again), and I don’t recall her from the book.
  • In the film the mermen and mermaids are happy and gentle, not fierce and alien as in the book.
  • In the film Lucy never uses the spell to hear what others say about her.
  • Eustace’s conversion doesn’t involve a kind of baptism as it does in the book.
  • Eustace the dragon tows the Dawn Treader in a calm.
  • Caspian recovers the swords of the seven Lords and places them on Aslan’s Table to “make all things right.”

The film contains a hook at the end to the possible next film:  Eustace’s mother calls up the steps to tell him that “Jill Pole has stopped by. ”  Will we see The Silver Chair before long?


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