Me and my Kindle

Recently I bought an Amazon Kindle for the Woman, and in helping her set it up I learned enough to get interested for myself. Instead of buying another unit, I signed up for Kindle for PC–for free–and I’ve been reading books on the computer.

Kindle for PC has many of the advantages of the Kindle itself, plus the ability to read the same books on more than one computer. Right now I’m reading historian David Hackett Fisher’s Paul Revere’s Ride (Oxford, 1994). Earlier I enjoyed his Albion’s Seed, which shed a lot of light on American customs and speech patterns as derivatives of British ones.


2 Responses to “Me and my Kindle”

  1. Bethany Reed Says:

    hence you should have got the Nook. I can read on my Nook and have the app on my computer or phone and pick up on the same page I left off at. I also prefer the nook because you can go to Barnes and Noble and read almost ANY ebook for free without buying it. Not bad. But of course if one of you has a Kindle it’s best the other also gets a Kindle so that you can share books on it!

  2. cbridges6159 Says:

    Yes, I just learned how to lend certain books. Good to see you and your brother the other day.

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