Juvenile lit and juvenile readers

Just finished The Hunger Games, which I borrowed from the Woman’s Kindle. It’s what they call “young adult literature”–no sex, no profanity, nearly nothing about bodily functions–but it’s still pretty dark.

They used to call this kind of books “juveniles.” If I enjoy juvenile literature, what does that say about me?


6 Responses to “Juvenile lit and juvenile readers”

  1. Wes Tripp Says:

    Don’t be ashamed…I’m reading through the Harry Potter books. I’m in the 4th one now. You know there is more in The Hunger Games series, right?

  2. cbridges6159 Says:

    Thanks, Wes. Yes, the Woman bought the whole trilogy. I’ll read the other two for free before long.

  3. Wes Tripp Says:

    I assume ‘the Woman’ is your wife? 😉

  4. cbridges6159 Says:

    Yes. It’s short for a paraphrase from Martin Luther: the woman God gave me.

  5. Wes Tripp Says:

    that sounds a lot better…haha

    Hope your summer has been great! I’m ready to get started on my senior year

  6. Kyle Kelley Says:

    You could use the cover of trying to understand the mindset of those you teach.

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