Submitting to one’s husband

Because this blog’s subtitle says “Everything but politics,” I won’t link to the political blog this comment of mine appeared on.

08/12/11 15:20

@Lawrence, and Dave before him:

The Ephesians passage calls for mutual submission: “Submit yourselves to each other in the fear of Christ” (Eph 5.21). The following verses show how each household member submits:

>>The woman submits by submitting to her husband. (I know it’s redundant, but that’s the text.)

>>The husband submits by loving the wife.

>>Children submit by obeying their parents.

>>Parents submit(!) by raising their children godly and not discouraging them.

>>Slaves submit by obeying their masters.

>>Masters submit(!) by treating their slaves fairly and remembering that they too have a master in heaven.

So yes, the whole household code is about mutual respect, much as Bachmann said.

Context, people! It’s all about context!

Sorry, that’s the Bible professor in me bursting out on a political blog. I’ll go back inside now.


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