Kids today

A surprising look at a 1979 checklist for kindergarten first grade:

It’s amazing what a difference 30 years have made. Academically, that 1979 first grader (who also needed to be “six years, six months” old and “have two to five permanent or second teeth”) would have been considered right on target to start preschool. In terms of life skills, she’s heading for middle school, riding her two-wheeled bike and finding her own way home.

Hat tip Instapundit.


2 Responses to “Kids today”

  1. Blair Says:

    Funny. Not only would most parents today have a problem with this, here’s one of at least two instances i’ve read about in the last month of police getting involved when parents allow this sort of thing.

    • cbridges6159 Says:

      Reminds me of something I saw online a while back and would like to find again: a Briton who lives in the same house his father (grandfather?) did plotted on a map how large a range each generation of children was allowed to roam without permission. Over three generations it went from something like 10 acres to 3 acres to the back yard.

      My favorite quote on this subject comes from John Derbyshire, a rough contemporary of mine: “Our parents wanted nothing to do with us.”

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