Reading, reading

I’ve been reading some interesting (to me) stuff recently, including:

  • Envisioning a Post-Campus America,” by Megan McArdle in the Atlantic. She speculates on the shape higher education might take once the online model comes completely . . . er, online.
  • A long blog post by Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest called “Beyond Blue Part Four: Better Living in the 21st Century.” Mead compares the transition from an agricultural to an industrial economy with the current change away from industry. He predicts a surge in service industries, including higher wages.
  • March Upcountry, a military science fiction novel by David Weber and John Ringo, free from Baen in its electronic edition.  The book is a sci-fi treatment of Anabasis, written in the fourth century BC by the Greek soldier and historian Xenophon. Even the title comes from Xenophon because “march upcountry” is what ἀνάβασις means.

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