The Authorized Version and I

All right; I confess. Today I gave up on the King James Version of the Bible.

Over the past nine months I’ve read 55% of a free ebook called The Chronological Bible. It’s been a good experience but today it’s over. Lost in the wilds of the prophet Isaiah as translated by 17th century divines, I realized I wasn’t understanding enough to justify the effort.

Why does this matter to anyone but me? Because over the past months I’ve experienced what some minority-language Christians around the world experience all the time: reading the Bible in a language or dialect not their own. God bless Wycliffe Bible Translators, Pioneer Bible Translators, and other good people who give their lives to produce Scripture in people’s heart languages.



One Response to “The Authorized Version and I”

  1. Steven johnson Says:

    I saw some Gideon’s just yesterday and wondered what it would take for them to use a more contempary version. I run into so many of my older congregation that as I teach from the Niv they have to check the commentator of there KJV study to see if it agrees with me because even they get lost in the language. Can’t help but wonder how many young people may be interested to read on their own if they weren’t taught by our older generation that believes its the KJV or nothing.

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