Greek & Hebrew Bibles for Kindle

If you study the Bible in its original languages and also use a Kindle, you might enjoy these tools. Plenty of good tools exist, but I like these because they cost little or nothing and they work on a Kindle 3 ( = Kindle Keyboard). They are not modern critical texts for the most part, but useful tools for general reading and reference.

Koine Bible by John Barach: $2.99 at Amazon. Contains GNT and LXX including Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals. Great index, no critical notes. Hard to tell how it relates to other known texts. Readable online for free at, where you can also find books about cars! Very Kindle-friendly.

SBLGNT: Free at the Society of Biblical Literature web site. Available in two forms that work on Kindle: a) full-page PDFs with critical notes at the bottom of each page. Switch the Kindle to landscape mode and view each page in three chunks. b) Plain text files (.TXT). Simply put all the files in the Documents folder of your Kindle and there you are. Disadvantages: Plain text version varies irregularly between two fonts (both readable) on a Kindle 3, and textual notes appear in separate files. But free!

Hebrew-English parallel: Free at Masoretic text in parallel column with Jewish Publication Society translation. Read it online or download one PDF per biblical book; looks great on Kindle. No index; you have to scroll within a book to find what you want. Mechon Mamre also has Hebrew Bibles in several other electronic formats.

Bible Gateway: The mobile version looks good when you access it through the Kindle’s “experimental” browser, where you can choose from a couple of Hebrew OT texts and several GNTs as well.

I don’t recommend the Kindle version of Westcott & Hort’s Greek NT from Amazon. At the moment it’s under review and unavailable anyway. When I bought it it had no critical notes and, worse, no diacritical marks within the text.

If you have similar recommendations, please comment.


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