A really good pagan ceremony to observe

Most of us Christians don’t want anything to do with ceremonies connected with idol worship, and rightly so. But today I learned of one that I think a Christian could observe. If you read the conversation, you’ll see why.

The dialog below the fold represents my conversation with an old African friend who pastors there. I’ve edited the conversation only to remove identifying information. For this post I’ll call him Daniel.

My friend wrote:

Hey Dr. Carl bridges Merry Chrisrmas and happy new year to your family and grand childdren and children. Hope mom is feeling better in health wise. . Please if you have time may you please help me with best advice on this matter. A Church of Christman who love a beautiful young idol priesters girl. The girl;s father made it known clearly to the Church of Christ young man that do you agree to pay for the idol bride price before marrying my daughter? The girl was concencrated to the idol since child hood. The Church of christ man is now refusing to be present in the redeeming Ceremony. He just want to provide the materials needed. Secondly he had the girl staying aith him in [a neighboring country] for two years sleeping with him. Now the Church of Christ people want to have Christian blessing in the Church for them. The question is since the man promised to the girls father who is the idol priest two years ago the he will honour the idol ceremony but now refusing, is it good? 1. His present there does not mean he has to bow or worship the idol. All that he will do at the ido cult is to sit some distance away watching them. The girl father will collect the Items from the man ad walk to the idol with her daughter and speak to the idol and say to the idol ¨; You Idol today sister marry is no more your child and daughter he has choosing to serve God almighty and the creator and also she is Maeeying to Mr Kofi there fore here the marriage things you demanded. Then the girl father will walk the girl from the idol cult and place it in the hand of the Man for them to walk home. Hopr to hear from you when you free to respond Thanks. Or if you are willing I may call you at your convinient time to talk with you on this matter or skype if only you give me your telephone number.

I replied:

Daniel, this actually sounds like one time a good Christian can participate in an idol ceremony. If I understand you right, the ceremony will remove the girl from the power of the idol and identify her as a Christian. This sounds like a good thing to me. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx at the office, and daytime here (five hours behind you, I think) is best. Blessings to you and [your wife] and your wonderful family. Please greet [your son and daughter-in-law] for me. ~Carl

And he replied:

Dr Carl Thanks you and I are right. So far I have contacted 4 preachers they are None instrumental preachers. Also This girl two other sister who got married to Christians obeyed this ceremony and they are happily married with children attending and worhipping God in their Churches. To cut this matter short, the girl father said he is not going to prevent her daughter from going to stay with the man but evil curses will follow her. Any way thanks very much. I hope you will keep this storry some where to tech some African student who will come to your school if there is the need for it. Warning to them is becareful who you choose to marry bye. Thanks very much.


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