“Hollywood and the Bible”

I’ve wondered why film treatments of religious faith so often look cheesy or condescending or even hostile. A colleague of mine explains:

“[Hollywood is] really good at marketing sensationalized emotions. Problem is, neither marketing nor emotionalism has much to do with the Gospel . . . . [T]he medium of film excels at communicating intense emotions, but fails at depicting the calm, abstract rationality which is at the heart of biblical Christianity. This means that however hard a film tries to accurately depict the Christian faith, it will only ever succeed in drawing an emotional caricature of that faith.”*

*Greg Hartley, “Hollywood and the Bible: Why the Interest?” in SonLife Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014, pp. 10-11.


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One Response to ““Hollywood and the Bible””

  1. Greg Hartley Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Carl! Those interested can read the full article here: http://johnsonu.edu/JohnsonUniversity/media/Florida/SonLife%20Magazine/PDFs/FALLWINTER_2015.pdf

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