Abandon your preconceptions

At Johnson University I host a weekly discussion group called Science Fiction and God. Students must attend one of the groups, but most of them get to choose which one. This morning our group met for the first time, and 17 out of the 39 students were women. That’s 43.5%.



2 Responses to “Abandon your preconceptions”

  1. tabicatinthehat Says:

    Apparently this is a preconception I never had . . . because I don’t even know what it is! Is the implication here that people think women don’t like sci-fi but the reality is that we do?

    • cbridges6159 Says:

      Yes, Tabi, that’s the preconception. Since you never had it, you don’t have to abandon it. You’re probably one of those people who don’t bother with too many preconceptions, and that’s a fine approach to life.

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