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Prince of the Church, indeed

October 23, 2013

Out: “bishop bling.”

In: episcopal austerity.


“Everything but sex; everything but divorce”

April 24, 2012

At National Review Online, David French makes an insightful comment on why the American church differs so little morally from the larger society.

But why are we doing so much worse now? I tend to think it’s a logical result of the “everything but” culture that’s overrun much of the church. In other words, “We Christians live just like you, but without the sin.”

How to make an atheist

March 6, 2012

“Nothing produces atheists like despicable religious people. They do far more harm to religious faith than all the atheist writers and activists in the world put together.”

The quotation comes from Dennis Prager, an observant Jew writing about Muslims in Iran, but it applies broadly.


A martyr of our time

November 3, 2011

In Egypt.

Eight-ninths below the surface

August 28, 2011

Maybe you’ve heard that eight-ninths of an iceberg lies under water. I have no idea if that proportion is true, but it provides a convenient image for what I want to say.

In the life of a church we have what the church does as a group, and what the individual members do on their own. I’ve often wondered how it would look if we could see all these actions–all the giving, the helping, the encouraging, and so on–aggregated together. We might find out that a congregation does a lot more than we think it does–that most of its activity lies below the surface.


Submitting to one’s husband

August 12, 2011

Because this blog’s subtitle says “Everything but politics,” I won’t link to the political blog this comment of mine appeared on.

08/12/11 15:20

@Lawrence, and Dave before him:

The Ephesians passage calls for mutual submission: “Submit yourselves to each other in the fear of Christ” (Eph 5.21). The following verses show how each household member submits:

>>The woman submits by submitting to her husband. (I know it’s redundant, but that’s the text.)

>>The husband submits by loving the wife.

>>Children submit by obeying their parents.

>>Parents submit(!) by raising their children godly and not discouraging them.

>>Slaves submit by obeying their masters.

>>Masters submit(!) by treating their slaves fairly and remembering that they too have a master in heaven.

So yes, the whole household code is about mutual respect, much as Bachmann said.

Context, people! It’s all about context!

Sorry, that’s the Bible professor in me bursting out on a political blog. I’ll go back inside now.

Aaand we’re back!

March 7, 2011

It’s been awhile since my last post for several reasons: wife’s broken leg, my broken arm & concussion & surgery, nothing useful to say.

Here’s a great link to resume with: a post from IMAO that weaves together 1 Corinthians 13 with photos of the Westboro Baptist Church’s picket signs.

I know the subtitle of this blog says “everything but politics,” but I can’t resist.

A martyr of our time

January 31, 2011

Here’s an icon of Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Rodionov, a Russian soldier beheaded on his 19th birthday by his Chechen captors when he refused to renounce his Christian faith.

Dealing with the cold

January 11, 2011

A Facebook friend who lives in the chilly Midwest knows how to deal with the cold:

: [My husband] & I have a game we play when we have to endure a bad situation of any sort. It’s called ‘missionary’ and the rules are to pretend this bad situation is happening either on a mission trip or while imprisoned for our faith. We must go through it w/o ‘losing our faith’ and trying to learn from it, grow in character and love God more. Today’s version will be “Missionary to Siberia.”

I may need to try this.

Importance of Christology

November 5, 2010

Nice post from Mike Potemra at National Review Online emphasizing the importance of Christology.

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